Why Parenting articles are unnecessary 

imageSo here lately it seems like the new topic on social media has been all about babies, babies, babies! Co sleeping with your baby, rocking your baby to sleep vs the “cry out method”, how to get your baby to sleep through the night, breast feeding vs formula fed, vaginal birth or c-section, placenta eating or not placenta eating.

I have seen a lot of contreversy on which ways are best for the baby, and as a mother we want nothing but the best for our little bundles of joy! We read article after article tiring ourselves with this pediatrician said this and this expert said this. I’m totally guilty for it myself. I get on Facebook everyday and see a million baby/parenting articles being shared by friends and I find myself wasting so much time reading them. It’s honestly exhausting and unnecessary.

It has been said when you become a mom you have a “mother’s instinct” that automatically kicks in. That one is TRUE. We as mothers need to start trusting ourselves as parents and what we feel is best for our babies. We have to start trusting that instinct instead of stressing over an article that freaked you out because it said your baby won’t be as intelligent because you didn’t breast feed your child or because you didn’t sleep train he/she properly. Although it’s all cupcakes and rainbows to expand your intelligence by reading and learning facts in articles, and learning parenting techniques that you wouldn’t have known otherwise we’re going to end up scareing ourselves out of the water before we even take the boat ride.

I can’t help but to see so many moms picking at so and so for not doing this or that. We’re going to end up scaring women out of having children with all the dramatics! It’s awesome to give advice when it is asked for but it’s not awesome for mom of five to be poking at mom of one for not breast feeding baby number one. I didn’t learn until baby number two that breast feeding was the better option. We have to let every mom learn on there own. It’s in our blood. We are baby making machines that are built to learn and know as we go. We only fail as moms if we chose to, and those who care more about their kids than themselves will not fail. The one thing I know for a fact that a child needs the most is love. As long now as your child is loved everything else will fall into place on its on.

You don’t have to bombard yourself with the endless parenting articles to know how to change a diaper or to know when to take your kid to the doctor because he/she has a bad enough diaper rash. You will just know. Even though you don’t have a PH.D. that’s okay, guess what? You don’t need one! You don’t have to be a doctor to be a parent. Only you know what’s best for your baby. Every single mom in this world has their own way of parenting and we need to accept that and not be so pushy on different ways of parenting. If I wanna rock my baby to sleep instead of throwing her in a crib to cry and then walk away then by God I will rock my baby peacefully to sleep! If I want to give my daughter a honey bun for snack because I don’t feel like hearing her fake cry at that very moment because I’m exhausted that day than by God I’m giving her a damn honey bun! We have to trust that our motherly instincts will keep our kids at float.

No parent in the world is perfect. We live in a non perfect world. Being a parent is tough, and amazing, and hard, and beautiful, and exhausting all at the same time. When your worried about making the best decisions for your children know that your fellow mom is right there with you stressing all day everyday about the stresses of parenthood. At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat.


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